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Creating a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is vital to the success of any modern company. Work environment affects everything from employees’ health, productivity, and loyalty to their general well-being. It makes sense to ensure our colleagues are happy when they go to work.

But how does a company make sure of that? At FrontAvenue, we believe a good work environment needs good people who care about making their colleagues’ days better. These people may use tools such as workplace assessments, safety guides, and work environment action plans. Our goal is to support your efforts by providing the best solutions for your work.

Accomplishing your work environment goals is made easier by having access to the right tools. Many of our customers have goals about more consistently reporting of workplace injuries and near-misses. When it’s easier for employees to report incidents – for example by being about to do so from their phones – they’re more likely to report them. SafetyNet is a favorite tool for reporting workplace injuries in Denmark. In fact, about 70% of all workplace injuries reported to the Danish authorities are reported using SafetyNet technology. The graph below shows the trend.

We help you help others

Work environment issues can be complex. Our goal is to make your work as simple as possible by supporting your efforts with a software solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Med data fra SafetyNet ved vi, hvilke typer af forebyggende indsatser, vi skal arbejde med. Så rammer vi rigtigt.

– Morten Pedersen, Seniordirektør for EHS i Danish Crown

Incident Management: Keep records of workplace injuries and near misses

SafetyNet Case Management lets you record workplace injuries, near misses, and similar cases in just a few minutes. SafetyNet users in Denmark and Sweden can automatically report accidents and injuries to the relevant authorities (EASY or Arbetsmiljöverket/Försäkringskassan) when they enter the incident into SafetyNet. Report cases from a browser or from the SafetyNet app. Follow up on cases using SafetyNet Action Plans.

Workplace Assessment (WPA): Surveys to improve your work environment

Create, send, analyze workplace assessments from SafetyNet. Create a new template or use a previously saved one. SafetyNet makes sending to workplace assessments one, several or all company departments easy. The software also includes several report templates that visualize the assessment answers in different ways. The reports allow you to, for example, compare results between departments or from different years. Like cases from the Case Management module, results from the WPA module can be attached to SafetyNet Action Plans to ensure follow up.

Action Plans: Follow Up on Important Results

Create action plans in SafetyNet to follow up on cases identified in another module or outside issues. Use SafetyNet Action Plans to distribute tasks, manage deadlines, and keep track of how different plans are progressing and how efficient they've been.

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is an all-in-one cloud-based administrative system. SafetyNet consists of several different, combinable solution modules. The different modules cover different elements of work environment, HR, insurance administration, and course administration. Different companies choose different combinations of SafetyNet modules to create their own SafetyNet solutions.

Possibilities Include…

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Improving Certification Processes

Use SafetyNet to support a certification process in your organization. SafetyNet lets co-workers collaborate on different tasks and documents relating to the certification project. Read more about certifications here

Creating Useful Action Plans

Improving work environment includes identifying places with room for improvement and not least following up and making those improvements. SafetyNet Action Plans help with the latter. Attach action plans to issues identified in another SafetyNet module or create them independently. Read more about Action Plans here.

Simple Audits

Create checklists and surveys for audits in SafetyNet. Set up the survey in a browser, and answer from a browser or from the SafetyNet mobile app. The SafetyNet app can even be offline, when audit is preformed – data will sync to the SafetyNet system when the device is back online. Print audit results and simple statistical analyses directly from SafetyNet. Read more about the SafetyNet app and SafetyNet audits here.

Advanced Reports

It’s easy to generate both simple and more detailed statistics and reports based on registrations and surveys made in SafetyNet. SafetyNet comes with several report templates, and the SafetyNet support team is always ready to assist you in creating your own.

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Customer experiences with SafetyNet

SafetyNet Work Environment is useful for many different types of companies and organizations, because SafetyNet helps with everything from legally required work environment initiatives to more extensive processes.

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