24. July, 2017

Hillerød municipality signs agreement on SafetyNet to support work environment work

After a long assessment and selection process, Hillerød has chosen SafetyNet. In the first phase, Hillerød Municipality has chosen to implement SafetyNet Work Injuries and Action Plans. SafetyNet gives all employees in the municipality of Hillerød a simple access to and the possibility of registering accidents at work and near events. SafetyNet will be an important part of preventive work environment work in Hillerød Municipality.

12. July, 2017

Copenhagen municipality – Socialforvaltningen uses SafetyNet to register security vulnerabilities

Socialforvaltningen in Copenhagen municipality Is expanding its SafetyNet solution with the detection of security shortcomings. This is an extra effort in the large-scale prevention work, the management continuously optimizing to create a safe and secure workplace for its employees.

8. October, 2016

I forgot my password

Login to SafetyNet can be set up in two ways:

  1. With username and password
  2. Integrated “Single Sign On”

, and it is only by customers increased to 1) to a forgotten password is current.

Here the user must do one of the following:

  1. In the bottom right corner of the login form has a “Forgot password” link (only possible if the customer wanted this enabled)
  2. Please contact your own SafetyNet administrator to reset the password
23. November, 2016

SafetyNet in the press

Read more about SafetyNet APV on page 8 of this article in Politiken’s supplement for working environment: http://www.e-pages.dk/politikenannoncer/1402

15. September, 2016

North Denmark Region choose SafetyNet for job satisfaction survey

North Denmark Region choose SafetyNet as a future system for the implementation of job satisfaction surveys.

28. June, 2016

KAB chooses SafetyNet Course Management

The housing association KAB chooses SafetyNet Course administration to resolve its many diverse tasks within the range of courses and administrative tasks. KAB is in many respects a front runner within visionary use of IT tools for support management tasks in general.

11. August, 2015

South Denmarks chooses SafetyNet

South Denmark chooses SafetyNet A-harm, APV and action plans.


11. August, 2015

4 steps to prevent acidents

1. Eliminate shortcuts
2. Complete the security exercises – and demand participation
3. Be aware and prepared for current risks
4. Keep your eyes open for potential causes of accidents

11. August, 2015

Aalborg choose SafetyNet to APV and Action Plans

Aalborg choose SafetyNet with SSO / ADFS.

Aalborg Kommunes

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