16. November, 2018

New version of SafetyNet/HSEQ Master is live!

We’ve released SafetyNet/HSEQ Master 1.1.2! This version of the SafetyNet app has several new features and bug fixes that make working with the app even easier. Users can now save important documents in the app for later use. These documents can be accessed at any time, regardless of whether a mobile device has an internet connection or not. SafetyNet/HSEQ Master users requested this feature, so they could have easy access to how-to guides when using the app for registering workplace incidents. The document feature is also useful for saving important information on business trips where connection may be spotty. Read more about the app.

24. August, 2018

Kerteminde Municipality Chooses SafetyNet for Administration Related to Occupational Hazards, Near-Misses, Property Damage, and Action Plans

Kerteminde Municipality Chooses SafetyNet for Administration Related to Occupational Hazards, Near-Misses, Property Damage, and Action Plans.

The Municipality of Kerteminde will implement SafetyNet for registration of workplace accidents and near misses involving the municipality’s employees.SafetyNet will also give Kerteminde a better overview of registered property damage, as well as a tool for controlling insurance policies.

Kerteminde will furthermore use SafetyNet action plans for a more structured registration and follow-up process.

12. April, 2018

Daycare center for children with special needs wins prestigious work environment prize after working with SafetyNet

FrontAvenue congratulates Solbo Daycare Center on winning the prestigious Arbejdsmiljøprisen i Psykisk Arbejdsmiljø 2018, a prize awarded annually by the Danish Working Environment Council to an organization which has significantly improved their psychological working environment. Solbo is a center for children with special needs. Solbo brought down the number of violent incidents in the workplace by registering the incidents in FrontAvenue’s SafetyNet system and following up on the registrations. Because the incidents were catalogued systematically in SafetyNet, Solbo employees could analyze causes and patterns in the children’s violent outbreaks, and were subsequently able to address those causes. As a result, both children and employees fared better. Solbo Daycare Center’s use of SafetyNet is truly inspirational.

23. January, 2018

CGI chooses SafetyNet for administration of internal and external courses

CGI will use SafetyNet Course Administrationin partnership with FutureMatch help desk for the administration of the many courses they offer. CGI will use the SafetyNet software both for courses within their organisation and for external courses.

15. November, 2017

Roskilde Municipality chooses SafetyNet for work environment administration

Roskilde Municipality switches to SafetyNet for administration related to accidents and near-misses in the Municipality.

13. November, 2017

The Danish Nurses’ Association chooses SafetyNet Course Administration and FutureMatch Help Desk

The Danish Nurses Association, DSR, chooses SafetyNet Couse Administration all of their internal and external course administration in Denmark. FrontAvenue’s partner, FutureMatch, will furthermore assist with system maintenance and customized courses.

2. October, 2017

Europaskolen – The European School Copenhagen chooses SafetyNet Course Administration

The European School Copenhagen is a public, international school with high academic standards.

The European School Copenhagen will be using SafetyNet Course Administration to handle the admissions process, as well as to plan events for students and their parents.

SafetyNet Course Administration allows the school to solve administrative tasks more efficiently than before.

21. August, 2017

Skanderborg Municipality adds Course Administration to their SafetyNet Package

Skanderborg Municipality expands their SafetyNet Package to include the Course Administration Module.

All administration of Skanderborg’s external courses and events will happen in SafetyNet.

SafetyNet can handle any activity with participants, time and place.

18. August, 2017

Sankt Annæ Music School chooses SafetyNet course administration

Sankt Annæ Music School implements SafetyNet Course Administration.

SafetyNet will be used for the application and admissions process as well as for other complex administrative areas.

21. June, 2017

Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening and Uddannelsesforbundet replaces survery system with SafetyNet

The partners, Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening and Uddannelsesforbundet choose SafetyNet to replace the previous system, and provide many more options for servicing its more than 20,000 members. Together, the partners cover and service more than 265 educational institutions in Denmark and Greenland.

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