Work environment

Our HSEQ solution SafetyNet supports the overall work environment in one integrated solution, where registrations can be performed in either an app or browser, while the central administration is managed through an intuitive and role-controlled user interface. Create your organization / work organization and access data from a role-based approach.

Occupational injuries and near misses
Efficient administration of occupational, near misses, eyeglass injuries, needlestick injury, violence, threats, etc.

Inspections and audits
Make inspections, rounds and audits with smartphone pads / tabs or browser.

Action plans
Keep track of what, who and when through a risk assessment and action plan creation.

Effective implementation of workplace assessments and other work environment surveys.

Get control of your health and safety management and certifications
Through flexible workflow and version control.

Risk-based approach
Enjoy a risk based approach so that resources can be used to minimize the risk as much as possible.