Smart administration with SafetyNet

SafetyNet is a cloud-based business administration system consisting of multiple integrated modules that can be used separately or together. Each different module covers a different field within course administration, HR, insurance administration or workplace environment.

Many SafetyNet users choose a few modules to start, and add more as needs in their organization change. Our SafetyNet consultants can help guide users towards the package that can best help their organization.
Using the same system across different administrative fields simplifies and optimizes work processes; With all relevant data at hand, users can build on their entire organization’s previous experiences and quickly plan improvements for a given sector.

All modules can be configured with Single Sign On, integration to company and employee master data, and integration to the Danish e-Boks system.

Learn more about SafetyNet elements below


Workplace environment

Improve your organization’s workplace environment with SafetyNet’s workplace environment modules. The SafetyNet Case Management module lets you both keep track of and follow up on occupational injuries and near misses. Other workplace environment modules in SafetyNet include the Risk Assessment Module for the creation, execution, and analysis of Risk Assessment Surveys, and the Action Plan module for planning follow-up on a given issue.


Keep all HR administration in one place. SafetyNet’s HR modules create the optimal framework for competency-based management. SafetyNet can facilitate the creation, execution and analysis of workplace satisfaction surveys and leader evaluations. You can furthermore use SafetyNet for keeping track of and following up on performance reviews.

Claims and Insurance

Keep track of assets, insurance policies and insurance claims in SafetyNet Claims and Insurance. With all central insurance information in one place, you always have a complete overview of your claims, where they’re registered, and how your insurances cover your claims.

Course Administration

Ease the administrative burden of course and conference planning with SafetyNet course administration.

This SafetyNet module assists with the administration of course overviews, course registration, resource allocation, course evaluations, automated email communication and more.

  • SafetyNet isn’t only an administration system, it’s also an important leadership tool …–Bjørn Jørgensen, Head of Security, Hoffmann A/S

  • SafetyNet helps us easily identify which organizational sections, work processes, and employee groups are most exposed…–Morten Pedersen, Risk Manager, Danish Crown

  • SafetyNet is faster, more user-friendly, and more logical in every way than the system we had before …–Helle Planck Larsen, Workplace Environment Consultant