Working Together for SafetyNet

FrontAvenue collaborates with several partners on the development, expansion, and sale of SafetyNet.
Vi har partnere, der sælger SafetyNet og SafetyNet-konsulentydelser til bestemte målgrupper og bestemte lande. Vi stiller vores software til rådighed for konferencer inden for relevante fag. Vi samarbejder med andre IT-virksomheder om integrationer af vores fælles kunders data. SafetyNet bygger på Microsoft-teknologi, og FrontAvenue er en Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner.
Read more about our partners below.

Our partners

Read more about our partners:


2conciliate Business Solutions develops process modelling software. 2C8 software integrates to SafetyNet documents.


We're members of ArbejdsmiljøNET, a network for Danish work environment professionals.


Axintor sells SafetyNet in Sweden. Axintor helped introduce SafetyNet to the Swedish market in 2017. Axintor has both larger corporate clients and small business clients.


COWI is a leading international consultancy firm. COWI sells SafetyNet to their work environment clients.

Danske Risikorådgivere

Danske Risikorådgivere is a network for professionals working in risk managament. FrontAvenue is a member of the network, and yearly conferences are planned with the help of SafetyNets Course Administration software.

EG Silkeborg Data

EG SD Løn is a payroll system used by Danish regions and municipalities. Employee base dase from EG SD integrates with SafetyNet, so employee information is always up to date.


Futurematch helps match course providers with companies looking to further educate their employees. Futurematch sells SafetyNet a tool course providers can use to plan their courses.


FrontAvenue is a Microsoft Gold Partner. SafetyNet is built with Microsoft technology such as C#, ASP.NET and SQL.


SKI bundles procurements for the public sector, making it easier for the public sector to large purchases in accordance with procurement rules. SafetyNet is on SKI’s 02.19 SaaS-Cloud agreement. This means that municipalities and other public institutions can buy SafetyNet directly from SKI.

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