SafetyNet kan bruges bredt i mange forskellige brancher

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SafetyNet's Many Possibilities

Many different sectors use SafetyNet in their work with HR rutines, work environment practices, course administration, insurance administration and quality assurance. SafetyNet's different solutions are highly flexible and be customized to fit most organizations' workflows.

For example, the non-profit housing organization KAB uses SafetyNet to organize courses and events. Pharmaceutical firm Fertin Pharma, on the other hand, uses SafetyNet for case registration, questionnaires, and action plans. How a company chooses to use SafetyNet depends on that company’s priorities and goals. We therefore see a lot of different examples of how SafetyNet is used.

Every year, our Danish customers meet and exchange tips, experiences, and ideas. Customers inspire each other to use SafetyNet in new ways. At our SafetyNet seminar in 2018, Henrik Kjærsgaard from BaneDanmark, the government agency in charge of the Danish railway network, said SafetyNet reminds him of a Swiss Army knife: It includes many different tools, and each tool can be used in multiple ways. BaneDanmark uses SafetyNet for everything from legal work to electricity, operational readiness, employee wellbeing and inspections. BaneDanmark railways workers use the SafetyNet app to record signal errors, while the employees at the office headquarters use SafetyNet to create reports.

SafetyNet's flexibility makes the system relevant for most sectors.


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Bruger SafetyNet, vil du også?

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is an all-in-one cloud-based administrative system. SafetyNet consists of several different, combinable solution modules. The different modules cover different elements of work environment, HR, insurance administration, and course administration. Different companies choose different combinations of SafetyNet modules to create their own SafetyNet solutions.

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SafetyNet kan bruges bredt i mange forskellige brancher

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