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Some of Denmark's largest manufacturing companies use SafetyNet to help secure a safe work environment.
Companies with a large number of factory and warehouse employees need to be especially aware of their work environment in order to prevent workplace injuries. SafetyNet makes it easier to record workplace injuries. SafetyNet users say that when it's easier to record workplace injuries, more employees remember to do so. The better the records of workplace injuries, the more work environment professionals can analyze and work to prevent future injuries.


Bisca A/S
Brødr. Ewers A/S
Brødr. Hartmann A/S
Danish Agro
Danish Crown
Dansk Landbrgs Grovvareselskab (DLG)
Fertin Pharma
Hedegaard A/S
MEC Bioheat & Power

SafetyNet can help with:

Case Management: Keep records of workplace injuries and near misses

SafetyNet Case Management lets you record workplace injuries, near misses, and similar cases in just a few minutes. SafetyNet users in Denmark and Sweden can automatically report accidents and injuries to the relevant authorities (EASY or Arbetsmiljöverket/Försäkringskassan) when they enter the incident into SafetyNet. Report cases from a browser or from the SafetyNet app. Follow up on cases using SafetyNet Action Plans.

Action Plans: Follow Up on Important Results

Create action plans in SafetyNet to follow up on cases identified in another module or outside issues. Use SafetyNet Action Plans to distribute tasks, manage deadlines, and keep track of how different plans are progressing and how efficient they've been.

WPA: Workplace Assessments

Create, send, analyze workplace assessments from SafetyNet. Create a new template or use a previously saved one. SafetyNet makes sending to workplace assessments one, several or all company departments easy. The software also includes several report templates that visualize the assessment answers in different ways. The reports allow you to, for example, compare results between departments or from different years. Like cases from the Case Management module, results from the WPA module can be attached to SafetyNet Action Plans to ensure follow up.

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is an all-in-one cloud-based administrative system. SafetyNet consists of several different, combinable solution modules. The different modules cover different elements of work environment, HR, insurance administration, and course administration. Different companies choose different combinations of SafetyNet modules to create their own SafetyNet solutions.

Many manufacturing companies choose SafetyNet Work Environment as part of their SafetyNet solution.

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