insurance system - SafetyNet


Keep track of assets, policies, claims

Record all assets, politics and insurance in one simple, user-friendly system. Insurance cases can be complex. Information needs to be saved for internal records, for the insurance company, and for any relevant authorities. It’s also important to keep track of the extent of your insurance coverage. SafetyNet Claims and Insurance helps you keep track of all claims, the relevant insurance, and what your insurance covers.

We use SafetyNet every day. Every single day. We think it’s a great system.

- Tove Bjørklund, Insurance Advisor, Faxe Municipality

Claims: Keep better claims records

With SafetyNet Claims, you only need to type the information about your claim a single time. Relevant information syncs to relevant forms and databases for insurance, administrative and reporting purposes. Keeping all information in one place saves time and minimizes risk for human error.

Action Plans: Make a Plan for Avoiding Future Accidents

SafetyNet Claims gives you an overview of what types of accidents happen then most. The module also shows a description of what caused an accident, and how much it cost. Use this information to create action plans to follow up on the most common and costly accidents to make your company safer.

Insurance: Flexible system

SafetyNet Insurance can be used for many different types of accidents and damages including automobile damage, building damage, movable property damage, liability claims, and more. Customize SafetyNet fields to fit your company’s needs.

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is an all-in-one cloud-based administrative system. SafetyNet consists of several different, combinable solution modules. The different modules cover different elements of work environment, HR, insurance administration, and course administration. Different companies choose different combinations of SafetyNet modules to create their own SafetyNet solutions.

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