SafetyNet HR



SafetyNet HR’s vigtigste funktioner:

· Records from previous performance evaluations
· HR reports
· Competence management

With SafetyNet HR, users can record notes and conclusions from performance evaulations. This makes it easy to compare notes and responses from earlier evaluations.

SafetyNet HR contributes creating a more complete picture of an employee by making information about that employee easier to find.

Quickly pull up records of earlier performance reviews, courses taken, and skills completed.

Managers have access to all performance reviews, they've managed, with other employees only have access to their own data.

SafetyNet consists of many different, combinable modules

We offer solution module packages within Work Environment, Insurance, Quality Assurance, HR, and Course Administration. Choose one or more module packages or create your own module combination.

The SafetyNet HR module is part of the complete SafetyNet HR package.