SafetyNet/HSEQ Master - One app, Endless Possibilities

The SafetyNet app

SafetyNet on Your Mobile Device

The SafetyNet/HSEQ Master app is a registration tool that makes SafetyNet even easier to use. Use important SafetyNet features on your smart phone or tablet – even when you’re offline. The app makes it easier to record accidents, injuries, near misses, and other cases when they happen. You can also upload pictures to a case, answer surveys and questionnaires, complete audits, take notes on performance reviews, and much more.

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One app – Endless Possibilities

Use SafetyNet/HSEQ Master for recording everything from workplace injuries, near misses, and security breaches to different types of audits, workplace assessments, and action plans.

It’s easy to enter information into the SafetyNet app. Users simply need to select the relevant field, fill out the form that field triggers, and save. Drafts are saved automatically, so you can close SafetyNet in the middle of a registration and return to it later.

Offline Registration

Use SafetyNet/HSEQ Master anywhere. The app works offline. Information entered when your device is offline is saved locally on your device. When your device is online again, the data automatically syncs to SafetyNet. As soon as the data is synced, you can continue working with it from SafetyNet in your browser.

We currently treat over 3,500 cases and audits a year in SafetyNet.

Henrik Kjærsgaard, Quality and Safety, BaneDanmark

Easy Photo Records

Upload pictures to a case in SafetyNet/HSEQ Master right away. Either choose a picture from your camera roll or take a picture directly from the app.

Easy Access to Important Documents

Save important documents in the app for offline use. With the SafetyNet, employees always have access to the files they need. Upload how-to guides, safety regulations, company travel polices, or important contact information.

GPS functionality for better precision

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master can use your mobile device’s GPS to record exactly where an issue happened. This function makes it easier to find the exact location later to correct the cause of the issue.

Log on Quickly with Single Sign-On

It is quick and safe to logon SafetyNet/HSEQ Master. The users use their organizations ADFS credentials.

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