SafetyNet/HSEQ Master

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master

The SafetyNet/HSEQ Master app

The SafetyNet/HSEQ Master app is a registration and reporting tool that supports administration with SafetyNet. Use SafetyNet right from your smartphone or tablet regardless of whether you’re online or offline. The app makes it easy to report incidents as they happen. The app also allows you to upload pictures and documents, answers surveys and questionnaires, conduct audits, take notes on HR meetings, and much more.


Easy recording and reporting

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master can be used to record anything from accidents in the workplace, near misses, and security breaches to audits, surveys, and action plans.

Mobile registration is quick and simple. Users just need to tap the relevant category, fill out the fields that appear, and click “submit”. Drafts are saved automatically, so you can take a break and finish up later.

Offline Registration

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master can be used anywhere – with or without an internet connection. Information registered without an internet connection is saved to the mobile device and synchronized to SafetyNet when the device has an internet connection again.

Easy photo records

Upload pictures to SafetyNet/HSEQ Master when you register incidents. Take a picture directly from the app or choose one from the device’s camera roll.

New! Access documents offline

Save important documents to SafetyNet/HSEQ Master, and access them anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether you have data or WiFi. This function allows employees to always have access to guides when they for example need to report a workplace accident. The document function can also be useful on business trips, where you can access lists over local contacts, travel or expense guides, even if you don’t have internet where you are.

GPS functionality for precise reporting

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master can use your device’s GPS to record the exact location an incident took place. This function makes it easier to find the location again later and solve any possible safety issues that led to the incident.

Log in quickly with Single Sign-On

Log in quickly and safely to SafetyNet/HSEQ Master. Users use the same username and password for SafetyNet/HSEQ Master as for SafetyNet, and stay automatically logged in after the first login.

Download the app for free in Google Play or the App Store

SafetyNet/HSEQ Master works on both Androids and iPhones. Download the app for free by clicking on either the App Store or Google Play icon to the left.

Contact us if you want to know more about how the app works with your company’s SafetyNet solution.