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The Only Course Administration Tool You'll Ever Need

Both educational institutions and private companies use SafetyNet to plan courses and events for employees, students, and clients.

Course providers use SafetyNet for everything from planning a course to sending out course evaluations. SafetyNet helps you keep track of all your different courses, tracks, and participants. SafetyNet also features planning tools like to-do-lists and automatic email reminders. SafetyNet is also useful for course potential course participants. They can browse courses, register themselves for courses and course modules, and see what they've signed up for.


Center for Offentlig Komptenceudvikling
GLB Revision
Niuernermik Ilinniarfik, Nuuk
Sankt Annæ Musikskole


KAB is a non-profit housing organization that administers about 60,000 leases. KAB organizes 1-2 courses a week as well as a few larger conferences every year. KAB uses SafetyNet to keep track of all KAB's course participants, instructors, and course locations. KAB's course secretary Bettina Jørgensen is pleased with the fact that all administrative tasks are performed in a single system so she doesn't need to contact different departments for different details. Bettina can publish new courses, set up sign-up forms, edit participant details, contact instructors, send diplomas and more from SafetyNet. With SafetyNet, KAB can handle their large volume of courses efficiently.

Jeg er super tilfreds med systemet. Og det er nogle søde mennesker, I har inde hos jer. De er virkelig kompetente.

Bettina Jørgensen, course secretary, KAB

IST supplies IT systems for schools, daycares, and municipal institutions. They organize about 70 courses a year. IST chose SafetyNet because they wanted to streamline a lot of the tasks, they used to perform manually. IST saves time with email tempates and automated responses. IST appreciate that broad range of functions SafetyNet offers as a cloud-based system.

Jeg er super tilfreds med systemet. Og det er nogle søde mennesker, I har inde hos jer. De er virkelig kompetente.

-Mads Printzlau, Director of Software Services, IST

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is an all-in-one cloud-based administrative system. SafetyNet consists of several different, combinable solution modules. The different modules cover different elements of work environment, HR, insurance administration, and course administration. Different companies choose different combinations of SafetyNet modules to create their own SafetyNet solutions.

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