SafetyNet Documentation



SafetyNet Documents features:

‍· Dokumentorganisering
· File sharing
· Version management

SafetyNet Documents stores documents that SafetyNet users need access to. This may be documents relating to an ISO-certification or documents relating to cases in other SafetyNet modules such as an insurance policy or a report from a workplace assessment.

Add new versions of a document if changes are made. Earlier versions may also be kept for records. Attach documents to specific areas or departments to find them quicker.

SafetyNet is highly customizable. Control which employees have viewing or editing access to which files. Set up the file structure in a way the way that makes the most sense for your organization.

SafetyNet consists of many different, combinable modules

We offer solution module packages within Work Environment, Insurance, Quality Assurance, HR, and Course Administration. Choose one or more module packages or create your own module combination.

SafetyNet Documents is part of the SafetyNet Quality Assurance package.