Our reference list includes a wide range of Denmark’s largest public and private companies.

They all make great use of the tools in the SafetyNet. Some use the industrial injury module for registration and case management with integrated reporting for the Industrial Injuries Board’s EASY-system. Others use the APV mapping system. Some use the system for registration of safety and fire inspections, while others implement satisfaction surveys and / or up to 360 degree leadership evaluations.

The customers who devotes all SafetyNet functionality, has a high yield of the dynamic action plans for follow-up via automatic e-mail notification on the many details.

Typically starts our customers use of SafetyNet, where they experience the greatest administrative challenges and can pick the low-hanging fruit. Subsequently, as the need arises, be expanded with additional modules to cover other tasks within the work environment and HR area. SafetyNet can be customized business processes and terms:

  • I’m incredibly pleased with the system. And I like the people at FrontAvenue too. They’re very skilled.–Bettina Jørgensen, Education Secretary, KAB

  • SafetyNet is in every way faster, more user-friendly, and more logical than our old system.–Helle Planck Larsen, Work Environment Consultant, Høje Taastrup Municipality

  • We use FrontAvenue’s SafetyNet to handle and prevent workplace accidents.

    Construction sites are normally dangerous places to work, but Hoffman has made a concerted effort to become the safest workplace in the business, both for the benefit of their employees, and to minimize sick days.

    SafetyNet is an an internet-based work environment administration system, and with SafetyNets Case Management module, Hoffman has leadership tool that can be used for strengthening prevention initiatives, especially in the most risky areas.–Hoffmann A/S

  • We use FrontAvenue’s SafetyNet Case Management for handling accidents, risk evaluation and workplace satisfaction surveys.

    As one of Denmark’s largest workplaces, Danish Crown has an interest in preventing and ultimately bringing down the number of work-related accidents. SafetyNet helps Danish Crown with this. FrontAvenue has furthermore integrated all Danish Crowns HR systems, minimizing the administrative burden.–Danish Crown