What are cookies?

Cookies are used on almost all websites.
Cookies are small files stored on the computer or mobile device you are using to browse the web. The files allow us to recognize your computer or mobile device, as well as to track how you are using our website.
Cookies do not store personal information such as name, address or user-profiles. Nor can they spread viruses or malware.
To learn more about the legal use of cookies, read the relevant law and guidelines on the Danish Business Authority’s homepage.

How we use cookies

If you click “OK” in the cookies dialogue box, a cookie is generated to remember you accept cookies on, and will not be prompted again next time you visit our page from the same browser.
We also use cookies for statistics to optimize our homepage for visitors. Some cookies are erased once you leave, while others are saved for a longer period. Cookies for statistical purposes are administered by a third party.

How to delete cookies

You can delete or fully disable cookies in your website browser. Deleting cookies removes the cookies collected thus far, but does not prevent the browser from collecting new cookies. Disabling cookies prevents your browser from collecting cookies in the future.