Aabenraa Municipality chooses SafetyNet for Case Management, Insurance, Leadership, and Workplace Environment.

After a long selection process, Aabenraa has decided on SafetyNet for Case Management and Insurance Administration. Aabenraa will also use SafetyNet for workplace satisfaction surveys, risk analyses, internal audits, and audit-related action plans.

The SafetyNet system will assist Aabenraa in well-structured workplace environment related work.


Europaskolen – The European School Copenhagen chooses SafetyNet Course Administration

The European School Copenhagen is a public, international school with high academic standards.

The European School Copenhagen will be using SafetyNet Course Administration to handle the admissions process, as well as to plan events for students and their parents.

SafetyNet Course Administration allows the school to solve administrative tasks more efficiently than before.


Hillerød municipality signs agreement on SafetyNet to support work environment work

After a long assessment and selection process, Hillerød has chosen SafetyNet. In the first phase, Hillerød Municipality has chosen to implement SafetyNet Work Injuries and Action Plans. SafetyNet gives all employees in the municipality of Hillerød a simple access to and the possibility of registering accidents at work and near events. SafetyNet will be an important part of preventive work environment work in Hillerød Municipality.


Copenhagen municipality – Socialforvaltningen uses SafetyNet to register security vulnerabilities

Socialforvaltningen in Copenhagen municipality Is expanding its SafetyNet solution with the detection of security shortcomings. This is an extra effort in the large-scale prevention work, the management continuously optimizing to create a safe and secure workplace for its employees.


FrontAvenue supports the organization The Social Network

Supporting noble causes: We are assisting the mental health advocates at The Social Network by giving them access to our Course Administration module.

The Social Network wishes to use the system for:

  • Posting course descriptions and dates online
  • Showing their courses in a calendar<
  • Communicating with course participants
  • Creating individual course schedules for individual participants
  • Allowing participants to follow the courses on the homepage (based on www.peerstoette.dk
  • Creating course certificates

We are looking forward to a positive collaboration with yet another SafetyNet Course Administration customer.

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