SafetyNet Administration



SafetyNet Adminsitration is SafetyNet's settings module.

All SafetyNet solutions include the SafetyNet Administraion module. SafetyNet Administration controls the settings of all the other modules in SafetyNet.

SafetyNet Administration also includes information about company organization, employees, users, roles, emails, activity logs, and metadata.

All SafetyNet modules pull information from SafetyNet Administration. For example, when an employee survey is sent out from one of the HR modules, the HR modules uses employee contact information stored in SafetyNet Administration.

SafetyNet Administration also lets system administrators see employee data entered from any module.

SafetyNet consists of many different, combinable modules

We offer solution module packages within Work Environment, Insurance, Quality Assurance, HR, and Course Administration. Choose one or more module packages or create your own module combination.