FrontAvenue develops and sells cloud-based business administration systems to a broad range of municipalities, government institutions and private companies. Our solution, SafetyNet, eases the administrative burden of work related to related to workplace environment, audits and quality assurance, insurance administration, HR, and course administration.


FrontAvenue started as an IT-consultancy firm in Copenhagen in 2001. From the very beginning, we centered product development around customer needs. During the early years, we focused on designing custom web-based business systems for a diverse range of companies.
We found that many of our clients had similar needs, so we started creating customizable standard systems, which led to the initial release of SafetyNet in 2003.
SafetyNet integrates a wide range of administrative solutions into a single platform. Users can choose any or all of the SafetyNet solution modules.

Core Values

FrontAvenue puts users first by tailoring SafetyNet to each individual organization during the implementation process. Our users then give us feedback at meetings, over the support line, and at our annual experience seminars. The user feedback helps guide which new modules we create and how we update existing modules. SafetyNet is a flexible solution FrontAvenue develops for the user and inspired by the user. Our guiding principles include broad functionality and user-friendliness.


Our goal is to provide the leading SaaS Standard System for HR and Work Environment administration in Denmark. We have users within both the public and private sectors in Denmark, and are working to expand internationally in cooperation with local partners.

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