The Children and Youth Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen updates to SafetyNet Course Administration

The section of the Children and Youth Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen handling Native-Language Courses upgrades from frontPlanner to SafetyNet Course Administration.

SafetyNet has several technical advantages, and is also more user-friendly and flexible. SafetyNet is a browser-based system hosted by FrontAvenue.


COWI concludes a cooperation agreement on SafetyNet

COWI and FrontAvenue have concluded a cooperation agreement on SafetyNet where COWI offers its customers solutions with SafetyNet.

COWI uses SafetyNet to solve many diverse consultancy tasks for their customers. This may include mapping of APV, workplace challenges, well-being studies or other analytical approaches to general occupational health challenges. COWI is a leading advisory company with a 360 ° approach.

Read more about COWI here:


Allerød Municipality choose SafetyNet for its work environment

FrontAvenue is pleased that Allerød Municipality has chosen SafetyNet as its preferred work environment tool for mapping the municipality’s workplace assessments, well-being studies and ad hoc surveys as well as managing its business plans and work environment tasks.

Allerød Municipality sees future opportunities within the many modules SafetyNet can offer.


FL Smidth Chooses SafetyNet

Through cooperation with COWI, the FL Smidth choses FrontAvenues SafetyNet for mapping APV and ad hoc studies and the management of its action plans and work tasks.


I forgot my password

Login to SafetyNet can be set up in two ways:

  1. With username and password
  2. Integrated “Single Sign On”

, and it is only by customers increased to 1) to a forgotten password is current.

Here the user must do one of the following:

  1. In the bottom right corner of the login form has a “Forgot password” link (only possible if the customer wanted this enabled)
  2. Please contact your own SafetyNet administrator to reset the password
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